Die Landschaft des Erongo

The Erongo

Erongo Mountain – Granite rocks and the volcano’s outer wall in the background Erongo Mountain – Granite rocks and the volcano’s outer wall in the background The Erongo – a huge volcanic ruin

When approaching our farm Omandumba, regardless from which direction, the majestic Erongo Massif, which gave the Erongo Region its name and which rises about 1000 metres from the ground, can be seen from afar.

The Erongo Massif is the left-over of a huge, ancient volcano, which erupted about 130 million years ago. Until today satellite images reveal the shape of the volcano with a diameter of about 30 km.

Bizarre rock formations in the ErongoBizarre rock formations in the ErongoGeologically interesting area

Apart from the fascinating formation history, which we will gladly explain to you during your visit, the scenic landscapes of the 2300 metre above sea level located Erongo Mountains are a special highlight. Huge granite boulders, formerly lava which cooled subterraneously, are scattered around the landscape as if placed there by mighty powers. Glowing red in the light of the setting sun they become magical motifs for photos. Mineral fans will also get their monies worth as the Erongo holds especially aquamarine and tourmaline.

Young Kudu bullYoung Kudu bullHigh population of wildlife

The Erongo Mountains are situated in an arid region of Namibia. An average rainfall of about 150 mm (l / m²) annually is received. Even with as little rainfall the Erongo collects quite a lot of open water on its rocky surface which results in a relatively high wildlife population.

Additionally to various bird species like black eagles and black breasted snake eagles, Mahali weavers, rosy-faced lovebirds and francolins, one can find especially oryx antelopes, kudus, warthogs, springbuck, mountain zebras, klipspringers, dik diks, steenboks and the rare black-faced impala.

Furthermore eland, giraffe and duiker antelopes occur. Because of the occurence of numerous mountains and rocks the Erongo is an ideal habitat for leopards and chacma baboon.


Erongo in the rainy seasonErongo in the rainy seasonSurreal landscapesSurreal landscapesUnique rock formationsUnique rock formations

Granite boulders on Omandumba – peculiar and fascinatingGranite boulders on Omandumba – peculiar and fascinatingOmandumba rock fingerOmandumba rock fingerArea with interesting floraArea with interesting flora

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