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Activities offered on Omandumba

Giraffe in the ErongoGiraffe in the ErongoThe fascinating, wide open, romantic and wild landscape of the Erongo offers excellent opportunities of exploration for young and old.

We offer numerous activities in the Erongo for example nature drives, interesting excursions to historic rock paintings and of course visits to the San and their Living Museum. Furthermore guests can always go on walks and on climbing excursions and can get to know our exciting way of live on the farm.

For our activities we make use of 2 cars with 6 seats each.

San on  OmandumbaSan on Omandumba1. Visit at the San Living Museum

Visitors of the Living Museum get an interesting insight into the ancient hunter-gatherer culture and the traditional way of the San. Different programs are offered for example the bush walk in the Erongo, which visits the rock paintings and during which many plants and their uses are explained. The visitors can also go on a traditional hunt with the San and much more.

The visit to the San is unique and worth it, that we have dedicated a whole page on our website to the Living Museum. More information can be found here: San on Omandumba

Traditional fire makingTraditional fire makingGathering at sunsetGathering at sunsetSan in the ErongoSan in the Erongo

The Basket Bearers – a rare depiction of the SanThe Basket Bearers – a rare depiction of the San2. Rock paintings and engravings tour

The Erongo is known for its wealth regarding rock paintings and rock engravings. Hundreds to thousands of years ago Bushmen lived and hunted in the Erongo Mountains and driven by different motives they left rock paintings and engravings. On our tour through the Erongo we show you many of the impressive works of art and explain the possible reason behind their creation.

On Omandumba we also have some very rare and valuable paintings like the Swarm of Bees, the Boat and the Basket Bearers.

  • Tour: 3-4 hours
  • Rate: N$ 250.00 p.p.

Giraffe and quiver treeGiraffe and quiver treeOcre stoneOcre stoneHunting bushmenHunting bushmen

Oryx and springbuck at sunsetOryx and springbuck at sunset3. Game and bird watching

The Erongo is an area rich in wildlife. Many different species of game for example rock hyrax, mountain zebra and different antelopes like kudu, steenbuck, klipspringer, oryx and springbuck can be seen. Furthermore we have baboons and many bird species like black eagles and black breasted snake eagles, Mahali weavers, rosy-faced lovebirds and the Hartlaub francolin, which is endemic to the Erongo Mountains. With lots of luck one might even be able to see a shy and rare leopard.

Wildlife and bird watching can be done on foot, by car or from a hide.

  •  Tour: 3-4 hours
  • Rate: N$ 200.00 p.p.

 Red eyed bulbul Red eyed bulbulDamara Dik DikDamara Dik DikMountain zebra Mountain zebra

4. Sundowner-Tour

The sundowner is part of Namibia as is Swiss cheese of Switzerland! To sit on a hill in the evening with a cold beer or an ice-cold gin & tonic after a hot day in the Erongo is pure Africa feeling!

  • Tour: 1-1.5 hours
  • Rate: N$ 100.00 p.p.

Sundowner at OmandumbaSundowner at OmandumbaErongo sunsetErongo sunsetRed glowing granite bouldersRed glowing granite boulders

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